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Followup: Gersh an ‘Editor of the Year’—again

Actually, there’s more to it than that.

After we posted yesterday’s item on Gersh Kuntzman’s outstanding editorial leadership, Suburban Newspapers of America announced that is had chosen Kuntzman as “Editor of the Year—Daily, 3rd Place.”

This is especially notable since Gersh’s newspaper is a weekly — but it’s a weekly that operates as a daily by posting nearly all of its content online, on a daily basis, ahead of the print edition.

Kuntzman won SNA’s top “Editor of the Year, 1st Place” prize as a weekly editor in 2008. [He’s won lots of other awards as well — and he’s happy to tell you about them!]

Meanwhile, SNA chose one of Kuntzman’s reporters — Stephen Brown — as “Journalist of the Year—Weekly, 1st Place.”

Brown was an attentive student at the Graduate School of Journalism that Gersh operates at The Brooklyn Paper (referenced in yesterday’s post). Brown learned so well under Kuntzman that he was hired away by AOL Patch as the editor of one of its Brooklyn editions … where he will be competing with … Kuntzman.

This video features Brown with “Not Gersh Kuntzman” Vince DiMiceli. Gersh was on vacation when it was shot and Vince, who edits the affiliated Courier-Life newspapers, went whole hog filling in. (Vince is a standout in his own right — as newshound, editor, page designer, and news media internet pioneer.) The clip proudly references Gersh’s role in “training the journalists of the future.”



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UPDATE: Journalist whose love was unrequited is E&P’s ‘Editor of the Year’

Steve Buttry — whose wife Mimi Johnson penned the touching tribute posted yesterday — today was named Editor of the Year by Editor & Publisher magazine.

By selecting the 55-year-old Buttry, E&P, in its first issue under new owner Duncan McIntosh, makes an important statement: The news industry is moving on.

Buttry’s life was invested in newspaper work, but he’s about to being work at a multimedia news operation that will compete with the Washington Post — but not include a newspaper.

“Buttry’s contributions to innovation over the past two decades, his work at The Gazette in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, over the past two years — and his decision to join the still-unnamed online-only startup that will combine social media, user generated content and hyperlocal coverage of metropolitan Washington, DC — merit as much attention as anyone in U.S. newspapering who now boasts the title of ‘editor,'” reads the cover story on Buttry, written by E&P Editor Mark Fitzgerald.

Be sure to read Mimi Johnson’s piece.