UPDATE: Journalist whose love was unrequited is E&P’s ‘Editor of the Year’

Steve Buttry — whose wife Mimi Johnson penned the touching tribute posted yesterday — today was named Editor of the Year by Editor & Publisher magazine.

By selecting the 55-year-old Buttry, E&P, in its first issue under new owner Duncan McIntosh, makes an important statement: The news industry is moving on.

Buttry’s life was invested in newspaper work, but he’s about to being work at a multimedia news operation that will compete with the Washington Post — but not include a newspaper.

“Buttry’s contributions to innovation over the past two decades, his work at The Gazette in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, over the past two years — and his decision to join the still-unnamed online-only startup that will combine social media, user generated content and hyperlocal coverage of metropolitan Washington, DC — merit as much attention as anyone in U.S. newspapering who now boasts the title of ‘editor,'” reads the cover story on Buttry, written by E&P Editor Mark Fitzgerald.

Be sure to read Mimi Johnson’s piece.


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