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Stop the Presses! (CBS Sunday Morning)





. versus

Monmouth NJ newspaper



USA Newspaper slump

(a view from Australia)






WHY we need newspapers … or not


Telling the “why” of every story is the rationale behind the continued existence of the Las Vegas Sun. (That the Sun still breathes — an extremely independent voice within the pages of its former competitor, the Las Vegas Review Journal — is another story.)


The Las Vegas Sun commercial gives a much better reason to pick up a newspaper than does the ceaseless dribble New Yorkers endure through the NY Times’ “Weekender” TV spots (like the yuppified one that follows), spots that make those of us who still read the Times feel like idiots for doing so.


Thanks to the 92YTribeca for this satire of their “Weekender” spots. I’m so pleased to know I’m not the only one who absolutely HATES those Times intrusions. Watch this:


This loving couple just LOVES the Sunday New York Times…

And here, the Times reminds us that you can read the Old Lady in your pajamas (what a joy!) … and they give us a teenager who started reading the Times when she was 7 years old (now THAT’s news!)


Is Superman Jewish?








Russian billionaire buys London Standard

This appeared on RussiaToday on January 22, 2009


A new way to view what we do.

It’s time to change … and to thrive!



***** TRIPLE dose of Murdoch *****


Hear Mr. Murdoch’s overview on how technology has changed the media (2008):

Then watch a full hour with Charlie Rose (2006):

And, finally, in “Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch’s War on Journalism” (2004), a documentary film by Robert Greenwald that was distributed on DVD by the left-wing, you’ll get an extremely critical view. Here it is (run time 77 min):






Old school newspapering (a career video from the 1930s)


A bit of history (how news is transmitted)


Batton Lash on comics


Promoting Internet use in the 1990s

A really old AOL commercial…

… and one from Compuserve!




Save a tree!


Daily Show on the NY Times

The Daily Show, in case you missed it…

For the entire show, click here:  The Daly Show, June 10, 2009

Triple J TV Hack:

Death of the Newspaper

never buy the newspaper: start through 1:49 (…newspapers are going down)
also: 4:36 (“i don’t have a lot of sympathy…”)


Are these guys for real?



NY Times: Pass it on!



How about The NY Post Weekender?



Funny newspaper commercial from Europe






Small Newspapers Look To Survive




Rockin’ Robbin 1972 (bonus track!)






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