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Always loved #Murdoch as newspaper man,

Always loved #Murdoch as newspaper man, glad to have sold my newspaper to NewsCorp. Even some Popes aren’t wholly saints.


Daily Dose: Links for Monday 11/1/10


•Gawking: NYT Media Decoder finds Gawker’s salacious Christine O’Donnell post a new low for pay-for-gossip media. “Even as she was being fed into the digital wood chipper, various other parties on the Web began to step back and wonder why a pretty average night between seemingly normal people was being pathologized,” Media Decoder said.


You’re not safe surfing at Starbucks. No, really, you’re not safe — it’s worse than it was just a few weeks ago and “if you use public Wi-Fi hotspots, you should be very concerned.” The heightened alarm is the result of a fast-circulating and easy-to-use program called Firesheep. And if that’s not enough, here are a few nore public Wi-Fi worries.


•You should “own your own market.” Kim Pg explains what that means.


Guard your Twitter privacy; don’t assume those DMs are private.
Murdoch’s paywall: After a paywall went up at the Times of London, visits went way down — but it’s not clear if that’s all bad. Meanwhile, in Canada, readership is up for both print and Web products (see last 2 grafs of link): from the UK Observer.
•Doing Twitter: A user’s evolutionthrough 8 stages.

•The future of newspapers is considered by former Tribune Company innovation chief Lee AbramsVideo interview with John Loscalzo.
Conrad Black may be sent back to jail. Court chides press baron for complaining, in a Canadian newspaper, about the US penal system.

Memorial Day. Remember.

This is Memorial Day weekend. Take a moment to remember what it’s about. Lessons learned, lessons forgotten. Above all, remember those who sacrificed for family, community, country, and freedom.

This archival footage is from the 75th anniversary commemoration of the Battle of Gettysburg:

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Let’s gather all the Jews in Israel … and finish Hitler’s work

A polite Muslim student at UC San Diego promotes “Israeli Apartheid Week” — which she refers to as “Hitler Youth Week” — and tells David Horowitz that she hopes there will be another Holocaust.

Horowitz asks (at 2:49 on video):

I’m a Jew. The head of Hezbollah has said that he hopes that we [Jews] will gather in Israel so that he doesn’t have to hunt us down globally. For it or against it?

Her response: For it.

The young woman’s reference to “Hitler Youth Week” apparently echoed an earlier description by Horowitz of the Apartheid event. (He was invited to speak at UCSD to counter the anti-Semitic venom being spewed on that campus and elsewhere during demonstrations libeling Israel by attaching to it references to Apartheid.)

There are more than seven pages of comments posted beneath the video on YouTube, including these:

What is shocking to me is that this open call for genocide by Muslims no longer shocks me. They’re just waiting for the time when they can start murdering people in their millions.

• • •

This is the most disgusting display of anti-Semitism I have ever seen. She at least had a sheet on her head.

• • •

I would not be surprised if she gets extra credit for that.

Big Brother’s in the can

Two-and-a-half-million microchips have been surreptitiously installed in British waste baskets. The AP reports:

The trash microchips are now part of the British information grid, which already includes a heavy reliance on closed-circuit television surveillance and cameras to monitor the population, particularly on the crowded public transportation system.

“This is yet another piece of surveillance that the councils are taking on in our daily life,” said [Dylan] Sharpe [of Big Brother Watch]. “With this information they can tell if we are home or not, and the information is stored on their database, which is not that secure.”


Three members of a suburban Chicago family were slain in their home, at 3 am, in a targeted assassination.

At the funeral, the cousin of 50-year-old Jeff Kramer recalled that his friendship with Kramer had begun when they shared a playpen as children. The Chicago Sun-Times reports:

“We knew what that word meant: ‘buddies,’ ” he said.

”It means someone that you watched out for, someone that you cared about, someone that you never wanted to see get hurt and if they were, you did everything you possibly could to make it better.

”This time I can’t make it better.”