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Never miss a promotional opportunity…

This is precious.

Raygun — which calls itself “The Greatest Store in the Universe” — is a grass-rooted shop in Des Moines’ East Village (mostly T-shirts lauding or laughing at all things Iowa). They sell shoes, too. Their customer service and marketing is consistently exceptional. And they never miss an opportunity to exploit any [wholly unplanned] promotional opportunity.


After no sleep (well, maybe a little) … back in Brooklyn

An eight-day excursion through Iowa found me at home last week with two T-shirts from Raygun in Des Moines’ East Village…

Worthwhile trip, wouldn’t you say?

More on this in a few days, once I catch up on some housekeeping.

Housekeeping item number 1 involved my blogs: Just as I was leaving NYC for Dubuque, an unexplained error occurred which essentially wiped out my widgets and most key settings. As I painstakingly worked to rebuild them … they mysteriously reappeared.

Stay tuned.