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Will this baby rape his girlfriend? An anti-violence crusader says it’s never too early to intervene.

This video — designed to counter a purported anti-women slant in some Super Bowl commercials — has ignited a storm and reportedly sparked death threats against its creator in Dubuque, Iowa—

Although every baby boy is precious and beautiful, some will become misogynistswomen beaters, rapists, killers.

“Violence is a learned behavior, people are not born to be violent,” says Josh Jasper, president and CEO of Riverview Center, the anti-violence advocacy group responsible for the video. “What we see [in media] are messages that are degrading and abusive toward women and children.”

Jasper hoped that parents would start a conversation with their children, that while watching the Super Bowl with their children they would criticize messages that are hurtful, such as, “When you saw that GoDaddy ad and you saw those ladies taking off their clothes, you need to know as your father that this isn’t okay, this is not okay how we treat women.”

With that conditioning, hopefully boys will grow up as portrayed in this second video (instead of as depicted above)—

Many of the comments about the first commercial, posted on YouTube and Facebook, were so hostile that Jasper contact Dubuque police.

“One of the 800 comments I’ve received in the last 24 hours is that I’m a Nazi sympathizer and I should be taken out and shot,” Jasper was quoted by WQAD. “I’ve been accused of hating all men, that all men are rapists, that I think babies are rapists.”

Why such a strong reaction?

“There are a lot of men who have a deep-seated hatred toward women,” Jasper said. “I bet I’ve received 150 messages in the last 24 hours that say it’s okay to rape women. If we’re going to end the violence, we have to start with them.”

Here’s Jasper’s first commercial, posted a couple of years ago — it’s certainly pointed, but slower-paced and less incendiary;

As for this year’s Super Bowl commercial, Jasper said, “There are a lot of survivors out there … who are now feeling empowered because people are talking about the issue. That’s exactly why I created the commercial and that’s exactly why the commercial will stay.”

In a blog post on Valentine’s Day, Jasper concluded:

Although a great deal of violence is committed by men, the vast majority of men are NOT violent. The problem is that not enough men are challenging the norm, speaking out against men that are not healthy role models for others.

My thanks to @MichaelLibbie for bringing this story to my attention.


Facebook “spreads syphilis”

An official with Britain’s National Health Service said “Facebook and similar sites were to blame for a shocking rise in cases of potentially-lethal syphilis,” The Sun reports from London.

“Social networking sites are making it easier for people to meet up for casual sex. There is a rise in syphilis because people are having more sexual partners than 20 years ago and often do not use condoms.”

To beef up its apocalyptic package, The Sun includes a sidebar by “Sun Doctor” Carol Cooper who explains that syphilis is no laughing matter — “It can kill.”

And there are several fearsome links, including one headlined, “My Facebook ‘friend’ raped me.” That story begins:

“Befriending him proved a devastating mistake — days later Martin Dews brutally RAPED Sarah.”

The Sun concludes it coverage by noting that “last night a spokesperson for Facebook said users should take ‘precautions’ and be careful with meeting anyone they have encountered online.”

From his Guardian blog, here’s Roy Greenslade’s take:

Even if true — note that the claim is based on just 30 cases — do we really believe that people’s sexual habits are the fault of the media they use?

If so, imagine a story based on a rather similar unscientific claim that reads something like this…

The Sun ‘boosts sex attacks’: Cases of sexual assault are soaring due to men looking at Page 3 girls every day, a police chief from somewhere up north warned yesterday.

Figures released last month showed that men found guilty of sex crimes were 25% more likely to have regularly turned to The Sun’s page 3.

And would you believe it?

Art in this post is from The Sun’s Website.