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Old Media still doesn’t get it

There’s an excellent quick read on TECHi outlining “Five Things Old Media Still Don’t Get About the Web.”

If author Navneet Alang‘s bullet points below aren’t obvious to you by now, you must read his piece — the link is right hereimmediately.

1. People Never Wanted to Pay for the News
2. Paywalls Break the Web and Annoy Your Customers
3. The Web Needs New Solutions, Not Digital Replicas of Print
4. People Pirate Because They Get a Better Experience
5. Filesharing and Piracy Do Not Always Represent Lost Sales

After briefly fleshing out each of these points, Alang concludes:

Overall, what old media companies are struggling with is that the web is not simply another medium like print or TV – it is an entirely new one, and with it comes a whole new series of cultural assumptions. It’s not just that things are faster or more convenient – it’s that the web is fundamentally changing how cultures think about information, media and their exchange.

To simply rest on your laurels and try and replicate the models of the past will get you nowhere…

Stop trying to change how people have already learned to behave online (linking, sharing etc.) and start adapting to what your customers want.