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Paul’s music video

Here’s an entertaining departure from our sometimes grim [though ultimately optimistic!] discussion of the future of the news media — a recently released music video featuring my son, Paul Weintrob, and Rosie Yadid — Ghengisonogram — performing their song, “Square B8.” The film, shot last summer at Coney Island, was created by Aurora Alänge as his final “Sight & Sound: Film” project at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. Paul, a Ramaz School graduate, is a first year student at Bard College; Rosie is a senior at Ramaz.


Ghengisonogram at Don Hills

OK, I’m not a neutral observer on this one. And maybe this post is not precisely in the flow of media trends the way … say … Kotex tampons are.

But here it is, something we all need — “The Secret to a Happy Life” (first video) and “Square B8” (second video); lyrics by Paul Weintrob.

From Don Hills on Greenwich Street on Saturday night, Paul Weintrob and Rosie Yadid —GHENGISONOGRAM — in concert.

For much higher-quality audio, and more Ghengisonogram music, click through to Ghengisonogram’s MySpace page.

And finally, here’s one more glimpse of Paul and Rosie, in a clip from last Wednesday night’s performance of “The Importance of Being Ernest,” at the Ramaz Upper School in Manhattan. It’s been quite a week!