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We don’t need a weatherman to know how the wind blows, but everyone needs shelter from the storm

We’ve seen plenty of clips parodying “news”people who stand outside in stormy weather to capture the rain live at 5 (their mothers clearly did not teach their children well). Flip side: Here’s a guy who’s outside in the rain for a cause — and in this case, his performance makes sense.

Good luck, California!

But, hey, it’s a holiday week and we’re mandated to kick back. With that in mind, here’s a double dose of Dylan (the second via a trip to YouTube). Enjoy:

As we commiserate with a drenched California, a blizzard-socked Midwest, and a cold-snapped Northeast … and with hope that there will be joy in our hearts and peace in our relationships in the New Year … Lena Horne: