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Over the top at AMNewYork [Video Podcast]

Running a front page ad or promotion is one thing (done right, it can be useful to readers and profitable to publishers). But for publishers to deliberately mislead their readers is something else.

Today’s AMNewYork, the free daily published by Newsday, does just that.

Here’s my say:


Sexy little carrots

“A Bunch of Carrot Farmers” at Bolthouse Farms has launched a $25 million marketing campaign to rebrand baby carrots as junk food — “now in chic junk food packaging.”

Will American kids buy it? All-carrot vending machines have been installed at two high schools in the campaign’s initial media markets — Greater Cincinnati, Ohio, and Syracuse, NY.

While $25 million, including creative and production, might not stretch far beyond Cincinnati and Syracuse, there’s an obvious expectation that the campaign will go viral.

Check it out:


Despite the recent settlement of a suit brought by Lindsay Lohan to stop this E-Trade ad, it’s still up on YouTube. Let’s enjoy it again … before, maybe, it disappears.

Apple’s killjoy attorneys shatter Newsday’s fun

Newsday may be a bad newspaper with an even worse Website, but it had one funny commercial (although, as I pointed out on Sept 13, the ad’s message was anything but flattering to Newsday’s ailing print edition).

In any event, lawyers for Apple apparently forced Newsday to pull the commercial — whose punch line featured a shattering iPad.

This is “yet another classic example of lawyers needlessly sucking all the fun out of life,” observes NetworkWorld, which reports on the ad’s disappearance after it racked up several hundred thousand YouTube views in just a few days.

You want to build traffic for your corn maze in Iowa. Where do you advertise?

That’s what Kathy Hohl asked her Facebook Friends last night. Within minutes, she had a dozen answers. A few hours later, a dozen more.

Kathy’s farm is in Donnellson, southeast Iowa, pop. 963. I live in Brooklyn, NY, pop. 2,500,000, and I’m reading Kathy’s exchange at the Downtown Hilton in Nashville, TN. All of which says as much about the immediacy, virality and interactivity of social media as it does about the advertising vehicles discussed.

Here’s the Kathy’s Pumpkin Patch query:

A question for everyone. What do you think the most effective advertising is for you? Radio commercials, ads in the newspapers (Hawkeye, Bonny Buyer), or online advertising? We always struggle where to spend our limited budget at and would like your opinion on which source you use most.

Her responders’ recommendations were spread among all media, but here’s my favorite:

Sherry Sandrock Visit Kathy’s Pumpkin Patch once and you won’t need to read an ad, you’ll just want to plan a visit yearly!!!

Yahoo’s local news sites will put its partners in Dying Old Media in a pickle.

In his post today, Alan Mutter puts the pieces together following Yahoo’s announcement of its plan to buy Associated Content. Expect Yahoo to create its own local news sites, and expect newspapers to sell ads into their undertaker’s undertaking.

Up to now, Yahoo’s partnership with hundreds of local newspapers has proved mutually profitable — the newspapers were able to sell targeted online ads at a price point which they otherwise could only have dreamt about, and Yahoo got access to the newspapers’ local business relationships and their local on-the-street sales teams.

Going forward, newspapers that continue partnering with Yahoo will find themselves increasingly cannibalizing their own resources to benefit their competition. Their payoff: pocket change and anopther day on life-support.

It’s all about behavioral targeting — something Yahoo knows a lot about, something newspapers (which never cared to know very much about their readers in any event) know very little about.

Write the future

If you haven’t yet seen this 3-minute Nike epic, watch it now.

Starring international soccer superstars Didier Drogba, Wayne Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo, the video has broken the record for attracting the biggest viral audience in the first week of a campaign, with 7.8 million views, according to Ad Age. Ten days from launch, its YouTube count alone is about 10 million.

This is great stuff, which, after all, is its point.