Daily Dose: Links for Tuesday 11/2/10

So many incredible videos were part of this year’s campaigns, shown in so many media, that it’s impossible to pick one standout. The decade-old video posted here is definitely not the most outrageous, but along with Gawker’s salacious slam at Christine O’Donnell, it says something about where our heads are at right now, and maybe what motivates our votes. The actual count tonight will likely say something more; stay tuned.


QR Codes: Tips and a case study. If you’re not yet familiar with QR Codes, you should follow the link.
Dell’s unveiling a push into cloud computing and tablets.


•Journalistic entrepreneurs: “If you are a journalist and you want to be an entrepreneur, you need to have a serious, serious attitude adjustment,” said Michele McLellan at the Online News Association conference in DC.


Gawker: We’re so out of the blog business. Snarky Nick Denton says his Web sites will drop their chronological blogroll for a newsmagazine look starting in January. Denton told the WSJ he’s bored and doesn’t “want to be the No. 1 blog network anymore. That’s like being king of the playground.”
20 LinkedIn case studies: How professionals are putting it to work and reaping rewards.
Twitter: From the get-go, who should you follow? Lisa Barone suggests: Your customers, your competitors, local media outlets, industry trendsetters, and people who amuse you.


Click link for porn (no, not here): In a news story about Charlie Sheen‘s porn star friend Capri Anderson, the Miami Herald’s online edition included a clickable link to a porn site. After the link’s posting was reported in a Miami NewTimes blog, the link (along with the Web site’s dot-com suffix) was removed. “I’m guessing the Herald’s publishing software automatically creates a link anytime a web address is directly mentioned in the copy,” said NewTimes blogger Kyle Munzenrieder.
Free newspapers circulation is up — a whopping 1.41% over last year — according to a preliminary audit analysis by the Circulation Verification Council.


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