Prediction: Last US newspaper will close in 2017; Mongolia will hold out until 2038

Australian futurist Ross Dawson is predicting the end of the world as we know it — setting a doomsday clock running on the life of newspapers in their current form. Dawson sees the USA falling first, in 2017, followed by the UK in 2019 and Canada in 2020 … continuing to the end of days in Mongolia (2038) and Argentina (2039). Some countries may hold out longer, Dawson predicts.

Dawson spells out the methodology of his analysis — the “factors driving the pace of newspaper extinction” — in second chart below and on his Trends in the Living Networks Website.

A report on Dawson’s analysis appears in today’s The Australian newspaper.

Dawson will discuss his findings in a talk on “The Future of Global Media” and “Breaking Through BRIC: Understanding These Influential Global Media Landscapes,” at the Ketchum Global Media Network in New York on Thursday.


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