Banned: Hiding Muhammad [Update]

Editor & Publisher reports that at least 20 newspapers — including the NY Times-owned Boston Globe — declined to run last Sunday’s Non Sequitur cartoon.

Click here for a bit more, from the Washington Post (which pulled the panel from its print edited but refused to explain its action to its own reporter). Overall, the incident went largely unreported in mainstream media.

Meanwhile, on the advice of the FBI, Molly Norris remains in hiding after making an Islamic cleric’s hit list. Norris is the cartoonist who inspired Everybody Draw Mohammed Day. She has apparently had to change her name and assume a new identity (like a turncoat Mafia hitman in a witness protection program). This, too, is a development little noted in the MSM.

Freedom is free. Until you try to use it.

• • •


WITH FEAR AND FAVOR: The NY Times Company‘s latest suppression of free thought, implemented by cartoon-killing editors at its Boston Globe, is reported above. So far, none of the spineless managers at the Times or Globe appear willing to justify their unconscionable action.

Whatever else you might do, please don’t squeeze Muhammad.


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