You want to build traffic for your corn maze in Iowa. Where do you advertise?

That’s what Kathy Hohl asked her Facebook Friends last night. Within minutes, she had a dozen answers. A few hours later, a dozen more.

Kathy’s farm is in Donnellson, southeast Iowa, pop. 963. I live in Brooklyn, NY, pop. 2,500,000, and I’m reading Kathy’s exchange at the Downtown Hilton in Nashville, TN. All of which says as much about the immediacy, virality and interactivity of social media as it does about the advertising vehicles discussed.

Here’s the Kathy’s Pumpkin Patch query:

A question for everyone. What do you think the most effective advertising is for you? Radio commercials, ads in the newspapers (Hawkeye, Bonny Buyer), or online advertising? We always struggle where to spend our limited budget at and would like your opinion on which source you use most.

Her responders’ recommendations were spread among all media, but here’s my favorite:

Sherry Sandrock Visit Kathy’s Pumpkin Patch once and you won’t need to read an ad, you’ll just want to plan a visit yearly!!!


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