Headless woman

One of my kids asked me the other day why the NY Post — which we have home-delivered, so they see it over breakfast — had used a celebrity photo on its cover, instead of one of the more news-worthy pics that were on page-one of the NYT and WSJ, which were next to the Post on the breakfast table. (I know, the idea of three teenagers looking at — and sometimes reading — a newspaper in the morning is itself bizarre, but that’s another story.)

The answer, of course, is that while some Post front pages will feature a “legitimate” news story, its editors will usually opt for whatever image they feel is most likely to grab people — not everyone mind you, not necessarily you and me, but “most people” — by the b—s. Sometimes the photo will have nothing to do with anything. It’s what makes the Post a fun read, and either you accept it or you move on.

But did Saturday’s cover go “too far”? Look at the bullfighter’s neck and mouth, and remember that this photo ran BIG, filling the entire NY Post cover — then you decide:

What if the Post, instead of running its most famous headline — “Headless Body in Topless Bar” — published a full-page picture of the decapitated head?

Here’s a link to the bullfight story associated with Saturday’s front page, and here’s today’s follow-up. In each case, you won’t find any editorial second-guessing or soul-searching.

Today’s story updates that “the bull wasn’t spared a grisly death, even though he soundly defeated famed matador Julio Aparicio … According to bullfight rules — win or lose — the bull must die.” (On Saturday, the Post reported that the bull’s fate was undetermined.)

The Post reports that “Aparicio, 41, was recuperating yesterday in stable condition at a Madrid hospital after a 6 ½-hour reconstruction operation on his mutilated mouth, tongue and jaw.”

The photo was created to AFP / Getty Images.


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