Let’s gather all the Jews in Israel … and finish Hitler’s work

A polite Muslim student at UC San Diego promotes “Israeli Apartheid Week” — which she refers to as “Hitler Youth Week” — and tells David Horowitz that she hopes there will be another Holocaust.

Horowitz asks (at 2:49 on video):

I’m a Jew. The head of Hezbollah has said that he hopes that we [Jews] will gather in Israel so that he doesn’t have to hunt us down globally. For it or against it?

Her response: For it.

The young woman’s reference to “Hitler Youth Week” apparently echoed an earlier description by Horowitz of the Apartheid event. (He was invited to speak at UCSD to counter the anti-Semitic venom being spewed on that campus and elsewhere during demonstrations libeling Israel by attaching to it references to Apartheid.)

There are more than seven pages of comments posted beneath the video on YouTube, including these:

What is shocking to me is that this open call for genocide by Muslims no longer shocks me. They’re just waiting for the time when they can start murdering people in their millions.

• • •

This is the most disgusting display of anti-Semitism I have ever seen. She at least had a sheet on her head.

• • •

I would not be surprised if she gets extra credit for that.


2 responses to “Let’s gather all the Jews in Israel … and finish Hitler’s work

  1. Well,i’m sorry but this is to be expected.Muslim Antisemitism is something very common.It’s actually normal for these people to hate Jews.They don’t think of it as something bad or as being racist.It’s just as natural for them as it is for us to hate murderers or rapists.It’s in their nature.And if someone says that i’m being racist with this statement – well you haven’t been to the middle east as often as i have.I travel there each year due to my work and I often meet all kinds of people – normal working class,poor people and some of the higher ranking businessmen.So I can assure you – for them this is nothing unusual.

  2. just like jews are taught to hate muslims, kill them, steal their lands, and as the fanatics they are, say “god gave us this land 2000 years ago”. go figure

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