It’s all about relationships

You have 45 active clients, pretty close together geographically, and you want to stay in touch, get that two-way thing going.

A company with that goal approached midwest marketing maven Michael Libbie (pictured). Libbie demurred, suggesting to his potential client that he get off his tuchas and hit the street:

“Look“, I said, “we could create a survey for you and take your money and maybe even sell you more stuff.  But what you need to do, and you are not going to like my answer, is get in your vehicle and go see each one of these customers.  You, not a sales person, not somebody else from the office … you.”

It’s not always about technology.  It’s not always about a third-person visit.  It’s about relationships and going out and asking for the business.

Click here for Libbie’s full post at Insight Cubed.


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