It’s just very sad

I don’t have it in me as the sun sets this Friday for a fresh rant about the $4-million well-intentioned but wrong-headed newspapers-are-alive-and-kicking campaign engineered by the New York Press Association. I said my piece on Feb. 23 (Hey, Opie — in New York, the newspapers think it’s the 1950s. Let’s put our pop in a sack and ride the Chevy to the levy and gaze at the stars) and on Feb. 18 (Promoting the walking dead).

[UPDATE: Click the Feb. 23 link and scroll to the bottom to read fresh comments posted March 31 through April 2.]

Today, Andrew Sullivan’s Daily Dish on the Atlantic put this ad from the campaign under a “Creepy Ad Watch” headline.

Sullivan quoted Copyranter:

New York City residents, your local papers want you to know that, while, yes they may be mortally wounded by digital news sources and even stupid blogs that break the big stories before they can, they’re not going down without passive-aggressively making you feel guilty as hell about their demise. That “Told ya” is just so preciously fucking childish.

And Lindsay Beyerstein on BigThink said this:

Print is officially dead. I held out hope longer than most, but I knew it was all over yesterday when this ad appeared at my New York City subway stop. …

This ad perfectly distills the ineptness of the newspaper industry. An unidentified group of managers at community papers pooled their last remaining dollars to hire an advertising agency to build a campaign around the idea of “Nobody loves us, but we told you so.” The money they spent guilt-tripping their readership could have funded coverage said readers actually care about.

Click on Coney Media’s Feb. 23 post to see the other ads in this series.


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