Anime threat: The nuclear option

As if we needed more evidence that

1. What we say on Facebook does not stay on Facebook

2. We could benefit from a few extra history courses, along with some sensitivity training…

3. We’re strung just a little too tightly, politically, these days…

comes this story out of sleepy New Hampshire (from the Union-Leader):

Rep. Nickolas Levasseur, D-Manchester, hit a firestorm last week after posting a remark on his Facebook page that denigrated Japan and its people. He took issue with a comic genre called “anime” and said it is “a prime example of why two nukes just wasn’t enough…”

GOP spokesman Ryan Williams said the remark was “hateful, outrageous and extremely offensive.”

Derek Richer in the state Democratic office said the party is “deeply disappointed. Levasseur was completely wrong,” he said. “We would expect him to step down from his seat if this happens again.

From Fruzsina Eordogh on TrueSlant: “No other country in the world has been attacked with nuclear weapons, and if you know ANYTHING about Japanese history, or culture, you know to this day they still struggle with what happened to them (hello, Godzilla films?). …

“Sadly, this joke also reveals that Nick has never seen any good anime. Action movies tend to be really bad too, but I don’t go around advocating the bombing of Hollywood. …

“If you’d like to watch some good anime films, I’d recommend anything by Oscar winner Hayao Miyazaki, as well as the films Paprika, Ghost in the Shell (which Spielberg is remaking), and Perfect Blue. For anime series, I’d recommend Cowboy BebopNeon Genesis Evangelion and Lain (though the last two do get creepy later on).”

Eordogh points out, though, that “Nick appears to be around 26 years old. I think Nick was telling a joke. A really bad one, but nonetheless, a joke.”

Nuclear art from TrueSlant


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