Campaigning for British readers

With circulation and ad revenues tanking industry-wide, some might think that Rupert Murdoch’s English Sun — along with the rest of the newspaper industry — is setting.

But Murdoch’s News International won’t slither quietly into the night, and is putting up a fight — using its marketing heft to stick a finger in the dike and block the outward flow of readers and fetch some more.

MediaWeek UK reports that the tabloid Sun is coupling a new ad campaign promoting its star columnists with a price drop — from 30p to 20p — in a key market area:

Rob Painter, marketing director for The Sun, said: “At The Sun we pride ourselves on investing in great writing talent that sets us apart from the crowd.

“By showcasing our columnists in this way, we can remind readers of the fantastic market-leading content they get every day in The Sun, for only 20p.”

In the most recent quarter, News International parent company News Corp reported that its UK newspaper group —  which includes The Sun, The Times, News of the World and other properties — saw circulation revenues fall five percent on flat ad revenues.

At The Sun — News International’s most popular newspaper — circulation dropped 3.6 percent to 2,972,763 in its February audit, MediaWeek said.

RERUN: Here’s The Sun’s we’re-better-than-the-Internet commercial from last year:


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