VP Biden drops an ‘F bomb’

We’ll wrap up this day — which Coney Media began with homemade sex tapes, followed by a F—ing road sign that cursed a real-estate developer — with Vice President Biden’s joyful, if unfortunately worded, open mike utterance after the House delivered the administration’s health reform win.

“This is a big F—ing deal,” Biden whispered to President Obama (as if the POTUS didn’t know it was so). From the NY Post Website (with video):

THE POST’S LEDE: Oh Joe he didn’t! Vice President Joe Biden let rip another of his legendary gaffes at a crucial moment for the Obama administration Tuesday, whispering a profanity to the President.

Coverage from USA Today and the Telegraph in London.

PLUS: The Wall Street Journal’s Speakeasy blog asks, “How fast are Americans when it comes to making a quick buck?” Pretty fast:

Just hours after Joe Biden let loose with an f-bomb that was caught by an open microphone following President Barack Obama’s signing of the health bill into law this morning, his exact exclamation — “This is a big f— deal” — has already become a t-shirt (caution, salty language ahead if you click on the link) available for sale in sizes running from S to 6X.

Tomorrow’s another day.


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