Newspaper sex: Let’s go to the videotape

If you want to see where daily print journalism is heading in what is unquestionably America’s most competitive market, pick up New York’s two free dailies — AM New York, and Metro New York. AM is owned by Long Island’s Newsday (and shares Newsday’s lame Web interface) and Metro is partially owned by the NY Times (and uses Metro International’s more attractive interface); neither Web site provides a complete rendition of the print edition).

These tabloids, which run around 24 pages, provide subway and bus commuters with up to a 15 or 20 minute read; if you’re really slow and read rather than skim the ads, you might stretch that to a half-hour or so. That’s about as much time as most people spend with the beefier paid papers — but AM and Metro can actually be read, cover-to-cover, in that time, while most of the Times can’t even be paged through.

And the demographics for these tabs are virally important. Their readers are not dying — they include people under 30, under 20 even, who would normally be online (in fact, many read them while plugged into their MP3 players).

AM and Metro stories focus on New York and the personal lives of their readers, and they generally lack the political agendas evident in the city’s paid newspapers.

While the Times tells its readers how to spend money fixing up their co-ops and how to drop a work-a-day man’s paycheck on one dinner out, AM and Metro are telling their readers how to enjoy life in a way they can afford.

Consider Em & Lo, Metro’s Bedfellows columnists. They’ve been a staple on a number of sexy online venues for a while, and have published several books including “Sex: How to do Everything” (2009) and “Em & Lo’s Sex Toy: An A-Z Guide to Bedside Accessories” (2006).

You’ll find them today on page 10 – on Metro New York’s “mywellbeing” page sponsored by the NYC Health Department! — under the headline, “8 suggestions for making a sex tape.” (A link to today’s column is not yet available and was offline this morning. Their column appears in other Metro editions as well as in New York.)

A sex shoot in your bedroom or kitchen or backyard or wherever, with you as a star, can certainly be exciting and possibly stimulating, but as sage advice columnists, Em & Lo suggest at least a modicum of caution:

“You probably shouldn’t make a sex tape unless you’re OK with it ending up online.”

Now you know.


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