Think different

Iowa marketing guru Michael Libbie’s post this morning intones, “Follow and get crushed” — don’t sell your stuff “the way everybody else in the world sells their stuff.”

Earlier this week, we saw what Kotex’s different approach to the tampon ad could do; in the ’90s, there was Apple’s phenomenal “Think different” commercial.

Libbie’s Insight on Business blog showcases two TV commercials that clinch the deal.

First, a pickup truck spot that breaks from the pack.

“Every manufacturer has the same ad, just different trucks,” says Libbie. “Dirt, mud, rocks, dust, big voice-over and powerful music.  Same, same, same.” But not Karl Chevrolet in Ankey, Iowa — “Gone are the flying rocks … back are values Iowans can relate to.” (More Karl clips are on the dealer’s Website.)

Then there’s E*Trade’s baby-girlfriend spot — a clip that’s approaching 4 million views on YouTube.

“You can follow the pack and get crushed,” Libbie concludes. “Or be different and get noticed.”

Here are three exceptional TV spots — commercials we’re proud to remember, commercial that work:


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