Simpsons visit the Western Wall, and Homer thinks he’s the Messiah. Next week on Fox.

When Homer Simpson visits Israel next week — in an episode titled “The Greatest Story Ever D’ohed” — he’ll experience “Jerusalem Syndrome” and believe that he’s the Messiah.

“This is an episode that all three religions will be equally offended by,” Simpsons producer Al Jeanis is quoted in Haaretz.

Jean said a tour-guide character voiced by Sacha Baron Cohen (of Borat and Bruno fame) would clash with Marge Simpson, the Jewish Chronicle reports.

“He’s trying to get Marge to give him good grades on the comment card, and she goes, ‘You people are pushy,’ and he goes, ‘What do you mean, you people? You try having Syria for a neighbor! What do you have — Canada?'”

Images from the episode, to be aired March 28, were released this week after six months of buzz.

The Jewish Chronicle points out that the Simpsons has a regular cast of Jewish characters, including Krusty the Clown, the son of the town’s rabbi, Herschel Krustofsky. The show also featured an episode where the characters recreate stories from the Old Testament, including Bart as King Solomon.


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