You still can’t say ‘tampon’ or ‘vagina’ in a TV ad. But networks stand up for ‘erectile disfunction’.

The Kotex ads we reported yesterday are certainly “breaking the cycle” of euphemistically worded, dreamy displays of a woman’s monthly joy … but at least some beating around the bush continues.

TV won’t allow the use of the words “tampon” or “vagina,” the Boston Herald and Gawker report.

“The TV networks prevented Kotex from being too forthright, nixing draft commercials that mentioned ‘vagina’ and even ‘who-ha’ and ‘down there,” said the Herald.

The Herald quotes Andrew Meurer, VP of feminine, adult and senior care for parent company Kimberly-Clark:“They have very strict guidelines that you can’t refer to those body parts. I find that very discomforting given things they can broadcast — like erectile dysfunction.”

From snarky Gawker:

While we have taken a bold stand against graphic toilet paper and pubic hair-trimming ads, we would never attempt to deny a woman the right to say “vagina,” or even “vagina vagina vagina.” This is a woman’s right, in America.

That said, “tampon” is clearly a dirty word, to men, because, come on, yuck. And the men who run the networks and who know best what women need are solidly in agreement.


3 responses to “You still can’t say ‘tampon’ or ‘vagina’ in a TV ad. But networks stand up for ‘erectile disfunction’.

  1. To be honest, I’d much rather hear about periods, vaginas, menstruation, breasts, etc. rather than hearing about erectile dysfunction. I don’t want to hear about “limp” problems, meanwhile, menstruation is part of the beauty of a healthy and functional female body. Periods and vaginas are definitely more natural than a guy who can’t stay hard.

  2. What a bunch of moralfags. Also Snarky Gawker is a hypocrytefag; Would you deny men’s right so say “penis penis penis”? I bet you don’t see “vagina vagina vagina” and “penis penis penis” as equaly silly thing to say out loud.

  3. Oh god, the puns in this article just made me groan three times in a row.

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