3-year-old girl’s infatuation with Justin Bieber is viewed 2 million times on YouTube.

Her unrequited love for Justin Bieber was too much for 3-year-old Cody.

The little girl’s mom — who’s filming this sorry episode — says at 2:08 of the video, “This is wrong. Honey, you’re 3, you should not be crying over boys.”

Cody, held by sister Cheyenne (who uploaded the video to YouTube on Feb. 5), responds through her tears, “Mommy, I just love him. They all make me cry.”

At posting, the video was viewed on YouTube nearly 2-million times.

Mashable reports that Justin Bieber visited the family on Friday, and a spot was taped for tonight’s Jimmy Kimmel Live on ABC.

Which brings Mashable to this:

The lesson here appears to be that despite what your mother told you as a child, crying will get you what you want — if those tears goes viral on YouTube, that is.

Family photo is from UberTwitter via Mashable.


44 responses to “3-year-old girl’s infatuation with Justin Bieber is viewed 2 million times on YouTube.

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