Wednesday Edition 1/27/10

WHO’S GREENER: “Could it be that over time newspapers are actually the greener option versus using electronic devices? No one knows for sure yet, but it’s a fascinating question to ponder,” asks 5ACROSS, on,=.

WHO’S MOST LOCAL: We keep hearing that hyperlocal is the key to our future. Yet in the New York area, even local media aren’t local — opening the door to truly local news sites and specialty publications. In Brooklyn, where I published The Brooklyn Paper for 30 years, it’s not uncommon to find community weeklies with fewer than two stories (and sometimes none!) keyed to any given community; New York’s citywide dailies often have absolutely no community coverage. We’ve spoken before about Baristanet, in upscale Montclair, NJ, a Web pure play that competes with the Montclair Times. If you haven’t visited it yet, you should check it out.

ACLU MAY FLIP: It’s confronting a “Skokie moment” on campaign finance rules, the online NY Sun reports.

TODAY’S THE DAY: Apple’s tablet arrives. A final preview, from Dallas News wire services.

Not since biblical times has the arrival of a tablet been greeted with such anticipation.

‘DEMOCRACY IS SERVED’: From “Absence of Malice,” via E&P in Exile.


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