Wednesday Edition 1/20/10

WEB-PRINT PARTNERSHIP: New Italian commercial sells the combo.

EVERY MINUTE ONLINE: Youngsters live there, spending “practically every waking minute — except for the time in school — using a smart phone, computer, television or other electronic device,” the NY Times reports, citing a Kaiser Family Foundation study. “And because so many of them are multitasking — say, surfing the Internet while listening to music — they pack on average nearly 11 hours of media content into that seven and a half hours.”

LINKING: It’s everyone’s right, says Jeff Jarvis. “Linking is not a privilege that the recipient of the link should control – any more than politicians should decide who may or may not quote them.”

SKIMMING THE HEADLINES: An Outsell study by Ken Doctor says 44 percent of those scanning Google News headlines do so “without accessing the newspaper sites,” AFP and E&P report, adding that for many users, “headlines are enough and valuable, and that’s been the crux of news wire and news companies’ increasing complaints about Google’s ‘unfair’ use of the news supply line.” Concludes Doctor: “Though Google is driving some traffic to newspapers, it’s also taking a significant share away.”

GETTING SERIOUS ON PRIVACY: Maybe. The Federal Trade Commission says Facebook’s recent changes “raise issues of particular interest at this time,” Peter Kafka’s Media Memo reports.

PRINCE RUPERT: Why is Murdoch canoodling with a Saudi prince (his biggest shareholder)? Because in Saudi Arabi, Alwaleed bin Talal AlSaud is the king of all media, reports Devon Pendleton at True/Slant.

E&P MYSTERY: The magazine is back, but without two of its six editorial staffers. Greg Mitchell says on Huffington Post that he’s not sure why he wasn’t rehired as editor, although he’s likely to speculate about it later. Meanwhile he and senior reporter Joe Strupp are posting on E&P In Exile. ALSO: E&P kills its newsroom-oriented The E&P Pub blog.

UNDEAD ON FACEBOOK: The policy is, your profile stays alive even after you’re dead, the LA Times reports.

‘LIVE IN THE KNOW’: A new branding campaign tells why you should read the Wall Street Journal. Click here.

CONAN ON FOX: TMZ reports the network has registered the domain name

LATE NIGHT NEWS: Animated report of the Leno-Conan-NBC fight. You don’t have to know Chinese to understand this.


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