Tuesday Edition 1/19/10

CURIOUS NY POST: Turning over Monday’s front page to the NY Jets was understandable (indefensible was running Haitian coverage on page 20). Less comprehensible was what the Post did last Friday, the second day of earthquake coverage, when instead of a front-page mention of the quake, the tab featured the sentencing of black TV anchor Dominic Carter for domestic abuse; Friday’s offense was duly noted by Pat Kiernan on NY1’s In The Papers segment (perhaps coincidentally, Friday’s front page has been inaccessible on the NY Post Website). Then came Sunday — and a Post cover that trumpeted an “exclusive” about NY’s black governor, David Paterson, canoodling with a woman not his wife in a restaurant booth in New Jersey; Haitian coverage was pushed inside. These decisions may be indefensible both journalistically and from a business perspective, but they are certainly not incomprehensible, given the Post’s recent history. The tabloid has been under fire — and in court – over the uncivil behavior of editor Col Allan and its apparent, ongoing, racial insensitivity (video) in an ethnically diverse city with the country’s largest Haitian diaspora.

MURDOCH HELPS: After his NY Post pointedly downplayed the Haitian disaster, News Corp boss Rupert Murdoch offered a helping hand, and asked his troops for one as well. Murdoch told employees that News Corp would contribute $250,000 to be divided between the American Red Cross and the Salvation Army and that, in addition, “We will match – dollar for dollar – contributions made by U.S. based News Corporation employees up to $250,000 for the next four weeks” to any of several specified organizations. Not that we’re getting into one-upmanship here, but we noticed that GoDaddy.com — the oversexed seller of domain names and Web services — says it’s donating $500,000 to Hope for Haiti (click here for press release).

MONKEY OF A DIFFERENT COLOR: For racial insensitivity, this may not match the NY Post cartoon that depicted President Obama as a chimpanzee, but it was enough to get it pulled from the Omaha World-Herald. The cartoon, keyed to Sen. Reid’s campaign reference to presidential candidate Obama’s light skin, ran in the World-Herald’s early Iowa edition, but not in its later — and primary — Nebraska run or online, according to nealo.com, which linked to Jeff Koterba’s art at cagle.com.

MISSING HAITIANS: Well-intentioned efforts by large media outlikes like CNNNY Times and Miami Herald and small community operations like Brooklyn’s Caribbean Life are not helpful in locating missing Haitians. But Google can help, as Poynter Online’s Julie Moos reports.

E&P’S NEW OWNER: Duncan McIntosh tells Folio, “I published newspapers when I first got into this business and have been reading Editor & Publisher on and off for more than 30 years. I heard about its closing and thought to myself, ‘That can’t be.’ I started sending e-mails to Nielsen until someone would finally talk to us. And, now, here we are.”

MEDIA WONDERERS: That youngsters are not impressed with media pedigrees played out at home yesterday. Several manholes exploded down the street from our Brooklyn Heights home, closing a few blocks and causing the evacuation of dozens of buildings (including one where my 12-year-old daughter was visiting a friend). I was out of the area with my 15-year-old daughter; when we returned, she wanted the facts and fast. While I turned on NY1 and News12, she went to the NY1 Website, then Googled “Brooklyn Heights manhole explosion” and found the story on Brooklyn Heights Blog and Yeshiva World. A few minutes later, another Google search brought her to Gothamist, which had neatly aggregated everyone’s information, including an excellent FoxNY video. The local newspaper, The Brooklyn Paper (now affiliated with Fox), had a brief story online (without the Fox video) but was off her radar.

SPRINGTIME FOR HITLER: The Fuher is not happy that Conan’s getting screwed. But the director of “Downfall” (depicting Hitler in his bunker as the Allies closed in) loves the way his 2004 movie is being recycled — repeatedly — on YouTube, reports NY Magazine.


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