Monday Edition 12/28/09

FLIGHT 253: A blogger’s simple, and incredible, tale. [Huffington Post]

I was on my third in-flight movie when the screaming started, shattering my tired half-awake travel state. I had gone from watching “Up” to “Inglorious Basterds” and had decided to try rounding things off with “Land of the Lost”. That was when my fellow passenger Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab decided to ignite his explosives 19 rows ahead of me. READ FULL POST

THANKS, AND GOOD-BYE: John Carlson’s final column. With video. [Des Moines Register]

I will always remember the dignity, honesty and openness of the Goedkens. Eight members of that remarkable family — five brothers, two of their wives and one child — died of AIDS in a 10-year period. No family in America suffered a greater loss of life to the horrible disease. The brothers were hemophiliacs and they, like virtually all who had the condition, used a blood product no one knew had been contaminated with HIV.

The Goedkens had never spoken publicly about what devastated their family. They allowed me to tell their story in the pages of this newspaper in 1994.

AT&T HALTS iPHONE SALES: If you live in Brooklyn, you weren’t able to buy an iPhone on Sunday. Why? Because, AT&T admits, they can’t handle all the business. [Boy Genius Report] 9 AM UPDATE: AT&T admits defeat. [Village Voice]

RATINGS ROW: Pot dooms “It’s Complicated” to an “R.” Well, it’s complicated. [NY Times]

FINGER IN DIKE: German Springer seeks to squash free news app. [Newspaper Innovation]

UPBEAT: From Down Under. Your community newspaper is alive! [You Tube]


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