Wednesday Edition 12/23/09

BREAKUPS: Facebook busies divorce courts. Lawyers say it’s tempting spouses to cheat. “One 35-year-old woman even discovered her husband was divorcing her via Facebook.” [Telegraph]

APPLE TV: No, not the aging hardware, the real thing. Speculation heats up. [Register UK]

KID IN A SHOPPER: A blogger recalls when, as a 13-year-old, he got his first gig at the Marketeer, a once-powerful home-delivered Brooklyn shopper publication that Newsday bought, destroyed and — last week — buried. [Sheepshead Bites]

We were both eager to make money … and after school we went up and down the main drags going business to business. No one wanted so much as someone to sweep the floor, and the day was getting depressing. On our way home, as a last ditch attempt, we decided to see if Marketeer could use us alongside the Caribbean immigrants who tossed papers in front of people’s doorsteps.

They couldn’t.

But we walked in at what seemed to us a miraculous perfection of “time and place.” They must have just been discussing the idea of having kids write a kids column, and they sent us on our way, grins as wide as the Grand Canyon on our faces, to start our weekly columns.

AVITAR: Why this lousy film is “worth it” — “Because the film poured so much money into technological innovation, and that innovation will carry over to movies and projects to come.” [Media Bites] Includes extended HD trailer.

BANKRUPTCIES BLOWN: Jeff Jarvis again urges newspapers not to waste their 11th chapter. [Buzz Machine]

CREATIVE DISRUPTION: How the telegraph shook America’s newspapers — in 1845. [Economist]

DR. SEUSS EXPLAINS COPENHAGEN: On the BBC. Audio. 4 minutes.


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