Tuesday Edition 12/22/09

OPTIMIST: David Carr is upbeat. [NY Times]

Journalists will do anything to avoid getting real jobs, including conjuring a new kind of workplace that doesn’t include any of the legacy costs of trucks and printing presses. Meanwhile, journalism schools are no longer content just to teach the inverted pyramid. A few weeks ago, I was at CUNY’s graduate school of journalism to help judge presentations from more than a dozen teams of young media entrepreneurs.

There were some clunkers, as there always are, but there were also some scary good, real-world proposals from students who don’t have to think out of the box because they were never in one to begin with. I tried to be courteous and deferential, partly out of a small fear that I may work for one of them someday. There are worse places to end up.

RIP: More than 140 newspapers died in 2009 — fewer than some expected. [Newsosaur]

THEY REPORT, YOU DECIDE: NY Post readers vote to select the decade’s best front page. [NY Post] Link showcases 50 Post front pages.

MOON TAPS OUT: Washington Times kills Sunday edition, ups daily price. [Washington Examiner]

MIAMI MONEY: Readers react to Herald’s hat-in-hand. [Miami Herald] With video.

TOP NEWS SITES: For just about everyone, November was a downer. [Editor & Publisher]

POSTPRINT: Library ponders a pressless world. [Lakeland Ledger]

LIBERAL DOSE OF GLENN BECK: Media Matters’ 5-minute year-end round up.


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