Monday Edition 12/21/09

LATEST CONSPIRACY: A YouTube video alleges the attack on Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi was faked.Viewed almost 500,000 times in its first hours online, it is “on a par with other past conspiracy theories such as the attack on the Twin Towers being a CIA created plot.” [Daily Mail] Includes video.

TIGER’S MEDIA DEAL: How he kept the lid on for two years. [Wall Street Journal]

PHILIPPINES MASSACRE: Suspect, in court, is mobbed by grieving press people. [AFP] Also: 2009 sets record for slain journalists. [Reuters]

AFRICAN CRACKDOWN: Ethiopia’s war on the press. [allAfrica]

RADIO BANKRUPTCY: Citadel entered into a pre-packaged Chapter 11 bankruptcy on Sunday to weasel out of about one-and-a-quarter billion dollars of debt. Meanwhile, its lousy radio stations continue to broadcast as usual. [Bloomberg]

NEWSPAPER BANKRUPTCY: This time, it’s Heartland. [Reuters]

NO FREE PAPER FOR YOU: Japanese Airlines will no longer distribute newspapers to economy class passengers, continuing a trend. [Editors Weblog]

BUZZ OFF: Weird don’t-drink-and-drive commercial features the Dalai Lama and the Pope. [You Tube]


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