Sunday Edition 12/20/09

FARK SPARK: Publishers know how a good link from Fark can push their numbers; to whose benefit is at best open to debate. Here’s one ass of an example. [Greenslade]

LIGHTER TRAFFIC: Fewer visits to newspaper Websites. [Editor & Publisher]

WHAT KIDS SEARCH: If they’re 7 and under, the word — at number 4 — is “porn.” [Mashable]

SUING FRENCH BLOGGERS: Limiting political speech. Another reminder that anonymity is a thin mirage on the Web. [NY Times via]

HEY, VIRGINIA: Where’s Santa? A Webcentric updating of the old NY Sun tale. [St. Louis Today]

MURDOCH’S TIMES CALLS GOOGLE A TAX CHEAT: Says it’s dodged payments keyed to British revenue. [London Times]


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