Saturday Edition 12/19/09

FREEWALL: London newsstands eager to pay for copies of the free Evening Standard. [Guardian]

We used to pay a large commission to newsagents to sell the Standard. We now have dozens of newsagents paying us 2p a copy to have copies in their shop … which they then give away.

TWIT: Mom tweets as her son drowns. Not everyone finds this strange. [USA Today] Also: NY Post report.

BBC EXEC LAUDS MURDOCH: Says paywalls make sense and Rupert’s on top of his game. [Australian]

[Murdoch] has realised the importance of having quality content … What has been been suggested is to get behind a paywall — I totally understand why that is a good idea …

[Murdoch’s corporations] in particular have been very bold and brave and surprised people with all sorts of things over the years. People said satellite broadcasting in Britain wouldn’t work, and look at it now: it’s been phenomenally successful.

TWITTER HACKED: By ‘Iranian Cyber Army’. [Reuters] Also: US-Korean defense data hacked. And: India and China crackdown. [WAT Blog and UPI] Earlier: US drones hacked. [UPI]

TERM PAPERS: Kids have it easy — they longer walk 10 miles in a blizzard to get to school or, apparently, invest much effort in generating their term papers. [Baltimore Sun]

CHARGING MORE FOR LESS: Recipe for disaster? [E&P]

HEADLINES: A “Simpsons” slideshow. 8 minutes.


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