Friday Edition 12/18/09

Through December, we’ve consolidated our normal thrice-weekly posts to one a day, and have resumed posting on weekends.

NO PEACE: Why publishers and Google will never get along. [Monday Note]

JEWS BAN JEWISH INTERNET: Save your soul, stay offline — avoid even Orthodox Jewish sites, ultraOrthodox rabbis say. [YNet]

40,000 JOBS LOST: Editor & Publisher’s top story of 2009. The magazine’s demise? Number 10 out of 10. [E&P]

TWITTER: Here’s how newspapers are using their 140. [Bivings Report]

YELP!: Google close to a buy. [Tech Crunch]

NY POST AND WSJ ON SONY: E-Reader will offer subscriptions. [WSJ] Also: Kindle rivals making publishers happy. [Advertising Age]

PANORAMA: Dollars and cents. [Awl]

HOOKER HIRE: Advice columnist slams the NY Post. [Wowowow] Also: Ashley Dupre’s NY Post column.

RUSSIAN MOGUL: If a newspaperman from Down Under can become king of all media, why can’t a Russian dripping with money do the same? Alexander Lebedev, who already owns the London Evening Standard, is poised to buy the Independent and, possibly, the Financial Times. [Greenslade Blog]

TV DEATH SPIRAL: Pepsi quits the Superbowl. [Gawker]

JESSE VENTURA’S LATEST CONSPIRACY: Global warming. [YouTube] Part 1, 7 minutes


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