Thursday Edition 12/17/09

YOUR BRAIN ON INTERNET: Surfing can help. [LA Times]

Before trained to conduct Internet searches, the newbies — who had an average age of 66.8 years — had used many of the regions of brain associated with judgment, visual and spatial perception, and higher-order reasoning to perform theirfaux-search task. But a scan of their brains found that after two weeks of honing their search-skills, the newbies used those brain regions as well as several others when performing the faux-search task.

And not just any regions: Their brains showed activation in … regions of the brain key to decision-making, working memory and interference resolution — the skill of fending off distracting intrusions and allowing necessary ones while “bookmarking” one’s place in a task to return.

CITIZEN JOURNALISM: One veteran just says “no”. [Digital Journalism]

E&P INTERVIEW: Editor Strupp reflects on the end. [Forbes]

SHOPPER QUITS: The collapse of Newsday continues. The once-imposing Long Island newspaper — which recently put its third-rate Website behind a paywall, dooming it to irrelevancy — shuttered its home-delivered Brooklyn shopper, the Marketeer. [Your Nabe]

SENSATION: After endless Tiger-like coverage, how about a “true news” blog? Top item. [Change News]

MOMS: Get ’em. Keep ’em. Fast tips. [Media Post]

IT’S NOT OVER: Alex Jones, author of “Losing the News: Future of the News That Feeds Democracy,” says: “Even though people can get the same content online for free, they’re ponying up to buy newspapers that are more expensive than ever.” [Chicago Tribune]

MEDIA LESSONS: You can’t always predict the future, as shown in this retrospective on media’s next big things. [Boston Globe] Also: Say ‘no’ to bailouts. [OJR]

TRAFFIC MONITOR: How do you measure up? Google tool gets the measure of your browster. [Mashable] Also: Google adds 55 more newspapers to Fast Flip. [LA Times]

GHOSTLY GUILT: Health bill opponents are running this anti-abortion commerical, targeting Pennsylvania Sen. Casey.


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