Thursday Edition 12/10/09

PANORAMA A HIT: The one-time-only $16, 320-page broadsheet was a fast hit on the streets of San Francisco (where a limited run “city edition” sold for $5). [SF Blog] In New York, we’re awaiting delivery of our copy, and will report further when we have it in hand.

The one-time product was produced by McSweeney’s, the literary magazine and publishing house operated out of 826 Valencia by author Dave Eggers, in partnership with the San Francisco Public Press and with financial support from, which allows citizens to directly fund good journalism. The San Francisco Chronicle also helped with promotion and distribution.

The idea for the project started nine months ago. Eggers has a newspaper background, and his 825 Valencia young writing program has been inundated with instructors laid off from newspapers.

“It’s a form that we love,” Eggers said, noting they began collecting newspapers from around the world to determine what they wanted in theirs. “It just started seeming like an interesting project to make a prototype…and remind people what newspapers uniquely do well.”

Part of the project was encouraging newspapers to adopt new features and forms: “It’s much harder for a daily to try to reinvent a section when they’re gunning everyday to meet deadlines.”

He also said the unique nature of the project and the interest it generated (they sold out their SF editions by 1:30 p.m.) were good ways to attract readers to the work of a huge number of talented writers: “There’s a lot of excitement to this, so all these great articles will get the readership they deserve.”

SOCK IT TO US: AT&T prepares to make data “hogs” pay more. [LA Times]

ISRAELI CHALLENGE TO PRESS DIVERSITY: Proposed new law would mandate Israeli ownership of newspapers. [Newspaper Innovation]

WHAT EVERY NEW JOURNALIST MUST KNOW: Eight key skills. [Mashable]

FACEBOOK PRIVACY: Under fire. Again. [BBC]

ANIMATED NEWS: Something to think about. [NY Times] Here’s an example:

And another (in Chinese):


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