Tuesday Morning Edition 12/8/09

MURDOCH TALKS: In today’s Wall Street Journal. [WSJ]

  • The old business model based mainly on advertising is dead. Let’s face it: A business model that relies primarily on online advertising cannot sustain newspapers over the long term. … That’s not going to change, even in a boom. …
  • Right now content creators bear all the costs, while aggregators enjoy many of the benefits. In the long term, this is untenable. We are open to different pay models. But the principle is clear: To paraphrase a famous economist, there’s no such thing as a free news story, and we are going to ensure that we get a fair but modest price for the value we provide. …
  • The growing drumbeat for government assistance for newspapers is as alarming as overregulation. … The prospect of the U.S. government becoming directly involved in commercial journalism ought to be chilling for anyone who cares about freedom of speech. The Founding Fathers knew that the key to independence was to allow enterprises to prosper and serve as a counterweight to government power. It is precisely because newspapers make profits and do not depend on the government for their livelihood that they have the resources and wherewithal to hold the government accountable.

WHY GOOGLE CAVED: “Reinforcing the view that Murdoch can move mountains.” [Greenslade] Also: Axel Springer’s vision for premium paid. [Greenslade]

OOPS: NY Post columnist trips, falls, sues, opens herself to ridicule. Last year, the columnist — Linda Stasi — ripped waitresses suing over sexual harassment in the workplace. [Gawker]

Brain-dead waitresses dare to protest being groped by customers? They were asking for it. Brain-dead reporter doesn’t watch where she’s walking? Two million could about do it.

WAITING FOR PALIN: For 16 hours — outside, in subfreezing temperatures. [Des Moines Register]

REAL TIME GOOGLE: Bringing continuous live updating to your search page. [BBC] Also: Reinventing search. [Information Week]

JIMMY BRESLIN: Tribute to a newspaperman’s newspaperman. [NY Daily News]

FORECAST: Web ads to overtake newspaper ads by 2015. [Paid Content UK]



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