Friday Edition 12/4/09

I DON’T NEED YOUR STINKIN’ TV: Enroute to college, a TV exec’s daughter explains why she doesn’t need a TV in her dorm room. (If this is news to you, you should read this blog — and the blogs listed at right — more often. Curiously, the Times ran this on its print edition front page, top of the fold.) [NY Times]

As she prepared her daughter for college, Anne Sweeney insisted that a television be among the dorm room accessories.

“Mom, you don’t understand. I don’t need it,” her 19-year-old responded, saying she could watch whatever she wanted on her computer, at no charge.

That flustered Ms. Sweeney, who happens to be the president of the Disney-ABC Television Group.

“You’re going to have a television if I have to nail it to your wall,” she told her daughter, according to comments she made at a Reuters event this week. “You have to have one.”

But she does not, actually. For 60 years, TV could be watched only one way: through the television set. Now, though, millions watch shows like “Grey’s Anatomy” on demand and online on network Web sites like Ms. Sweeney’s and on the Internet’s most popular streaming hub,

GOODIES: If you write about your car’s repair, can you expense it? [Washington Post]

I think my boss would question a $700 charge for a new radiator, even if I did write a tear-jerking column about it. The IRS probably wouldn’t be pleased either.

Think of all the other goodies reporters and editors pocket, either expensed to their employer or as payola.

POMPEII ON GOOGLE: View from the street. [Mashable]

FALLING WALL: Putting admen in the newsroom. Alan Mutter says it’s not a bad idea. [Newsosaur]

In what was hailed yesterday as a “bold” move in a memo co-authored by the senior vice president of sales and the editor of the newspaper, the [Dallas] Morning News staff was told that “general managers” hailing from the ad department hereafter would supervise several news sections like entertainment, travel, sports, autos and real estate.

The idea is to develop products that will please readers and advertisers alike, leading to fatter top lines and continued employment for what’s left of the newspaper’s shrunken staff. What’s not to like about that?

FREEBEE IN DC: Washington Times breaks the paid mold — most copies will be free. [Editor & Publisher]

DON’T KILL THE GOLDEN GOOSE: Why newspapers need Google. [Washington Post] Also: Google exec’s speech at WAN confab in India. [WAN]

With falling revenue and diminished resources it’s not a surprise that many newspapers executives are frustrated. Some are angry with Google, who they see as getting all the benefits from the relationship without providing much in return. I don’t think the facts support that view.

YOU GOTTA HAVE IT: London Mirror’s Apple-like commercial. Newspapers — the “must have hand-held accessory of 2009.”


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