Thursday Edition 12/3/09

GOOGLE IN LION’S DEN: Top exec attends media conference in India. [AFP]

“Please don’t shoot. I am unarmed,” Google senior vice president David Drummond told participants at the World Newspaper Congress, where his company has been vilified as a parasite sucking the life blood from mainstream journalism.

WALL STREET JOURNAL NY: Starting with $15 million, it’ll be the “New York Sun on steroids.” [NY Observer]

WHACK-A-MOLE: Catching copyright poachers is a hopeless enterprise. [Newsosaur] Also: Google closes a loophole that unlocked paid sites. [NY Times] And: Who’s using newspaper content online. [AFP]

[75,000] Websites published some 112,000 “near-exact” copies of an original article and, on average, each article was reused at least in part 4.4 times.

While blog sites are most frequently accused of using content without authorization, blogs made up less than 10 percent of the top reusing sites during the period under review. The study found that Google and Yahoo!’s advertising networks dominated the unlicensed monetization of US newspaper content with Google accounting for 53 percent of the total monetization and Yahoo! for 19 percent.

GOOGLE AID: Partnership will help newspapers. [WSJ]

ON-LINE PULITZERS: Entry rules liberalized for new media. [AP]

WASH TIMES CUTS: “Significant” reductions to meet “marketplace realities.” [TPM] Also: More Gannett cuts. [AP]

ONE NIGHT IN BALTIMORE: Riding with the Sun’s nightlife blogger. (Click through to YouTube.)


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