Monday Morning Edition 11/30/09

ANIMATED CRIME: Uproar over Taiwan newspaper’s use of illustrations and videos to dramatize crime news. [AP via Canadian Press]

DANGEROUS WORLD: Philippines massacre just latest reminder of growing threat to journalists. [Australian Business] Also: Journalists condemn massacre. [Manila Business]

ANTI-SEMITIC: Some critics suggest a boycott over Israel-bashing letters in Berkeley paper. [NY Times]

DISAPPEARING E-MAILS: Software in the works promises to somewhat eliminate your electronic trail. [Chicago Sun-Times]

LA SUICIDE: Times’ transsexual sportswriter is dead. [LA Times]

GOOGLE AND NEWSPAPERS: Valuable partnership. [AP]

COOL ON WARMING SCAM: Paul Krugman, belittling critics, tells George Will that those academic e-mails are irrelevant.


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