Thanksgiving Day 11/26/09


Remember the Philippines, two days ago. Remember Jakarta. Remember Nairobi and Dar-es-Salaam. Remember Madrid. Remember Jerusalem. Remember London. Remember 9/11. … Remember the concept of facing reality, even as we pray for a perfect world.

2 THANKSGIVING MYTHS: The day before is not the busiest travel day of the year (it’s not even close!), and the count of turkeys eaten — well, that’s way off as well. [Wall Street Journal]

INDIA’S 9/11: Lessons for America on first anniversary of Mumbai masacre. [Fox] Also: The view from India. [LA Times]

PHILIPPINE MASSACRE: Suspect surrenders. [NY Times] Also: Disgust and fear, including audio. [CNN]

VIDEO REPORTS on the under-reported Philippine massacre:

The following video also includes a discussion of the dangers confronting journalists in Somalia.


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