Wednesday Noon Update 11/25/09

MASSACRE TOLL HITS 57: Update. [Guardian]

Not all the bodies have been identified, but 22 of the victims are believed to be journalists, making Monday’s attack the deadliest ever on the media anywhere in the world.

CONSIDERING MURDOCH’S DILEMMA: A fresh look. [Mashable] Also: Google after Murdoch: an illustration. [Gawker]

TORONTO SLASHER: Star cuts one-fifth of its newsroom. [Editor & Publisher] Also: NY Post layoffs. [Gawker]

WASH POST’S WORD: Wannabe explains it’s not gonna be, so it’s gotten real. WP explains its bureau closings. [Washington Post]

[Executive Editor Marcus] Brauchli acknowledged that “unquestionably there are advantages to having someone on the ground at times.” But, he said, “We are not a national news organization of record serving a general audience. Nor are we a wire service or cable channel.” … The Post’s strength is to report issues through a “Washington prism.”

Brauchli is under pressure to cut costs because The Post Co.’s newspaper division, which includes several smaller papers, lost $166.7 million in the first three quarters of this year.

CLIMATEGATE: Making fun and asking, to the large picture, just how important are the facts?


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