Wednesday Evening Edition 11/25/09

9/11: Hundreds of thousands of text messages are posted Online. [NY Post]

The riveting pager texts include messages from people at the fiery scene, brave first responders and worried, desperate onlookers just trying to get a word about a loved one.

“We’re under another ‘terrorist’ attack in new york city at the world trade buildings!!!” said one message recorded at 9:11 a.m. “It’s horrible. two planes crash into the top floors of each building.”

Another message reads: “Please don’t leave the building. One of the towers just collapsed! PLease, please be careful. Repeat,”

Another was more emotional. “Honey wanted to tell you how much i love you,” the sender wrote. “I was a little worried.I Don’t want to lose you now that I got you back. You mean everything to me. You have my whole heart and life. I love you so much.”

MAKING AN APE OF MICHELLE OBAMA: Racist image that topped Google search results is removed. [Computerworld] Also: Monkey pictures. [Times Live, Johannesburg]

The top-ranked result for U.S. first lady Michelle Obama on Google’s image search engine Wednesday was a racist caricature that depicted her with the face of a chimpanzee, just below a link to a suggested Google search for the terms “Michelle Obama Monkey.”

By late in the day the image had been removed, but not by Google. “Apparently, the person who posted it decided to remove it,” said a Google spokesman, in response to an e-mail query.

The same image of Obama, which was hosted on Google’s Blogger service, appeared among the top image results on Google for at least two weeks, according to user complaints on Google’s help forum.

LARGEST MASSACRE: Will the U.S. press finally cover this story tomorrow? This update from IFEX:

The journalists were part of a convoy of relatives and supporters on their way to file candidacy papers … in the province of Maguindanao … About 100 gunmen seized the convoy in the morning and slaughtered the group in order to prevent them from reaching the electoral bureau … The massacre will likely trigger reprisal and extra-judicial killings, says CMFR, increasing the level of violence in Maguindanao and throughout the Philippines

News reports say attacks on candidates and supporters during campaign periods are common throughout the Philippines, with close to 100 killed in 2007 local elections. But election violence is more extreme in Maguindanao, which is predominantly Muslim, with its Islamic insurgency and history of clan wars.

RADIO: Remember radio? U.K. study gives reasons to remember. [PR Week]

HIGH SCHOOL COERCION: Forcing student editors to publish — and sign articles — against their wishes. [Daily Herald]

TURKEY: 10 things to do with your fat Thanksgiving newspaper. [Daily Press]

ROBIN WILLIAMS DOES PALIN: On Letterman. First segment.


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