Tuesday Noon Update 11/24/09

MURDOCH’S BING GAMBLE: Once again, the Man’s thinking on his feet. [Guardian]

Rupert Murdoch … knows more about how to make money than anyone else in the media business.

So when he began prattling on about erecting pay walls around his websites and making them invisible to Google’s search engines, media observers had two choices. They could smugly conclude that Rupe, at 78, was finally losing it. Or they could sit back and wait to see what he really had up his sleeve.

Now, we’re starting to glipse what that might be.

Meanwhile, Jeff Jarvis calls Murdoch mad [Buzz Machine] as paywall criticism continues [TechCentral].

And, Dallas Morning News readies its toll gate. [Dallas Observer]


BIG BILLS: Washington Times is said to cost Moonies $40 million a year. [Editor & Publisher]

‘SPAM KING’ JAILED: Sentenced for stock fraud. [Detroit News] Also: Predator gets 10 years. [Salt Like Tribune]

OFFICE POLITICS: Why it’s a really bad idea to get on a tabloid editor’s bad side. [Greenslade]

APPLE BACK: New commercials put Verizon in its place.


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