Tuesday Evening Edition 11/24/09

JUSTICE MAY FAIL: Skepticism follows massacre of 46 including journalists, in Philippines. [Christian Science Monitor] Homework question: Why do you suppose this story is being downplayed in the U.S. media? (It was getting decent play on a number of sites, until the NY Times buried it both online and in print.)

FOLLOWING MURDOCH: MediaNews and A.H. Belo may join News Corp in leaving Google behind. [Editor & Publisher]

HOLIDAY PRICE HIKE … AND MISSING ADS: The Chicago Tribune is raising its newsstand price for its Thanksgiving day edition. Like many papers, the Trib’s holiday edition resembles a Sunday package with lots of ads — but since the proportion of editorial content on Thanksgiving is miniscule compared to the advertising volume, why not just give the paper away for free — it’s essentially a shopper. In New York, publishers should also discount the price since (1) the dailies all cutback on distribution and (2) copies that actually make it to newsstands often do not include all the ad supplements — newsdealers just dump them. Maybe if the newspapers paid their dealers something extra for all the extra holiday work, they’d actually sell the papers and include the ads. It amazes me every year that no advertiser (Macy’s, PC Richards and all the rest) ever notices that they’re being screwed.

PLOT AGAINST GOOGLE: Murdoch-Microsoft alliance seen as a bid to “roll back history.” [Salon]

COURT REPORTERS (TRANSCRIBERS): Doomed by technology? Iowa debates their future. [Des Moines Register]

Pros and Cons of Digital Recordings

PROS: It can save a state money in personnel costs. Judges can play back testimony for the jury. Some systems are capable of playing back a portion of the recording while continuing to record. The recordings reveal tone of voice and emotion. Court officials can double-check a written record against the digital recording. If a court reporter retires or changes employment, there is no issue of interpreting shorthand notes or abbreviations.

CONS: Recording failures can lead to mistrials or overturned verdicts. Technical failure can be caused by human error in not turning on the system, people not speaking clearly or into the microphone, parties talking over each other, excessive shuffling of papers, muted microphones, excessive gallery noise or other problems. “Off the record” statements are recorded. Courthouses must be updated to support the new technology. A well-trained staffer needs to monitor the recording equipment. Lawyers can’t roam the courtroom unless they have a wireless microphone.

PETA THANKSGIVING: Commercial rejected by NBC. Spoiler alert: This video may spoil your dinner.


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