Thursday Evening Edition 11/19/09

RESURRECTING THE NY SUN: Slowly. Online. [Nieman Lab]

AOL AX FALLS: 2,5oo will be fired. [All Things Digital]

WASH TIMES BIAS? Changes continue at Moon-owned daily. [News 8]

SENITIVITIES: Protesters rip Newsday over ‘Mallard Fillmore’ hate crime cartoon. [Editor & Publisher]

ERRORS: Putting them in categories. [PBS]

GOOGLE NEWS: Search exec says Google would do just fine without news. [Temple Talk]  Also: Newspaper Next interview with Google’s Josh Cohen. [API Now]

DAILY NEWS ‘POPS’: New presses rock. [NY Observer]

UPDATE 11/25 — REAL ESTATE PORN: Gersh Kuntzman of The Brooklyn Paper finds this DUMBO penthouse quite steamy. This video was removed from The Brooklyn Paper Website; it was subsequently available sporadically online, but is now locked behind YouTube’s privacy wall.


One response to “Thursday Evening Edition 11/19/09

  1. Hi Ed–
    How can I keep from getting kicked out of your blog? Every time I take the bait and click on a link, when I want to get back to your blog, I’m in Nowomansland.

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