Monday Edition 11/16/09

NOW THIS IS A PAYWALL: Apple patents technology for ads you cannot avoid. [NY Times]

HEALTHY THOUGHTS: Britain’s libel laws stifle health care debate. [London Times]

THOUGHT POLICE: Iran’s internet police unit stifles dissent. [Guardian]

SUBWAY TYPE: Driving purists crazy. [NY Times]

Seeing the clean, crisp shapes of those letters and numbers at station entrances, on the platforms and inside the trains is always a treat, at least it is until I spot the “Do not lean …” sign on the train doors. Ugh! There’s something not quite right about the “e” and the “a” in the word “lean.” Somehow they seem too small and too cramped. Once I’ve noticed them, the memory of the clean, crisp letters fades, and all I remember are the “off” ones.

101 SITES: We all love top 10 lists; here’s a well-organized top 101 list of “most useful” Websites. [Telegraph]

OUR CONSTITUTION: Q&A with Seth Lipsky, whose new book, “The Citizen’s Constitution: An Annotated Guide,” spells it out, simply. [Wall Street Journal]

“One of the wonderful things about the Constitution is that anybody can play,” he says. “Ordinary people asking simple questions have affected the country in enormous ways using this document. …It’s just astounding the way individual predicaments and problems are used by the [Supreme] Court to lay down broad principles in the country.”

HATE THOUGHT: Believing it can stop the emotion, government stops the speech. [Mark Steyn]

The conformity enforcers of “tolerance” and “diversity” are growing ever more explicitly totalitarian.

BLOOMBERG: Plan to rule the world. [NY Times]

LOU DOBBS: Saturday Night Life

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