Thursday Morning Edition 11/12/09

HUFFINGTON POST LABOR: LA bloggers will work for free. [Gawker]

BRING IT ON! Google responds to Murdoch. [Media Bistro] Also: London Times may go paid next June. [New Media Age] And: More reaction to Murdoch’s pitch. [Opinionator] Plus: Legal views of Murdoch’s threat to “Fair Use.” [B Net] Finally: News Corp sites that “steal.” [Tech Dirt]

ECOSYSTEMS: The Old Boys just doesn’t get it. [Buzz Machine] Listen to Jeff Jarvis:

In a discussion about the importance of distribution, some start-up guys … were asked … which [big] company they would most want to do distribution deals with. … Why would we want to do that? they asked. … We get our distribution through customers and developers, through embedding and APIs and social connections. That’s how we grew so big so fast for so little. Don’t you see that?

No, they don’t.

This week, we see this contrast, too, in Rupert Murdoch’s threat – he thinks it’s a threat – to cut off Google. Nose. Face. Cut. Spite. Murdoch – who doesn’t use the internet – does not see how distribution works today. He does not understand that being open to the link economy brings him free distribution, free marketing, great benefit.

That’s because he, like his fellow old machers, won by taking control rather than giving it up. This new world is utterly inside-out from the world they built. It breaks all their rules and makes new ones.

DOBBS QUITS CNN: “Last of the original anchors” moves on. Video. [Drop Dobbs]

POST SUIT: Editor who objected to Obama cartoon sues NY Post. [Reuters]

INAPPROPRIATE? Beauty queens threatens to walk out on Larry King after interviewer actually asks a question — one which Carrie Prejean finds “extremely inappropriate.”


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